We understand that trading internationally can cause security, logistical, supply chain and cash flow issues for your business. Casco FX is perfectly placed to help you not only save money with competitive exchange rates, but we pride ourselves on a superior level of customer service and ultimate efficiency when it comes to making your international payments. By using Casco FX, our clients have the peace of mind that their money will arrive at their chosen destination promptly, securely and at the best rate possible.

Our cutting edge technology ensures the swift delivery of payments to over 130 countries worldwide, always sent by the quickest delivery method. Whether you are paying suppliers, receiving funds from customers or making inter account transfers, we have the solution that can help your business.

In addition to the traditional FX products, our services include Foreign Exchange Management, Strategic Hedging and Budget Level Protection.


Spot Contracts

This is the most commonly used contract in FX. Settlement is based on a two business day basis. Spot contracts are an ideal tool if you require delivery of currency within a short period of time.


Same Day Contracts

Casco FX enable same day delivery on most major currencies. Our experienced settlements team will ensure your funds are remitted for the soonest available value date, every time.


Limit Orders

Placing an order into the market to buy or sell currency above or below the current market price enables you to get the best exposure to the FX market. This will be active for 24 hours a day, 5.5 days a week.


Forward Contracts

These are used to guarantee and fix a rate of exchange for a specific delivery date in the future. This contract is an ideal tool for those who wish to take advantage of the current market price against a future requirement for FX.


Multiple Payment Solutions

Designed for businesses with a high volume of international payments. Our batch payment file upload facility enables you to quickly and securely make hundreds of payments at the click of a button.


Online Platform

Our simple and easy to use online platform means you have total control of your FX needs. You can book FX deals, make payments and even check your payment history.

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